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Dreams Live Here


No Years Lost is the only social network created exclusively for the world’s dreamers. It is home to those who believe in the power of their dreams and to those who know, whether big or small, their dreams have the potential to change the world.

If you are a dreamer, welcome home to the only social network that ever believed in you.

We believe in the power of dreams too.







No Years Lost 1.1 for iOS 8 is our humble first offering toward fulfilling our own dream of creating a higher social network by bringing together the world’s dreamers. We truly believe that if we dream together we can do great things, if not even make the world a slightly better place. Our dream is incomplete however, without you: the dreamer. It is an honour to be able to invite you to partake in this larger dream, by joining an exclusive community of dreamers, and by sharing your meaningful moments and lofty aspirations along your journey toward the fulfillment of your dreams.


No Years Lost is a powerful tool for dreamers to capture life’s most meaningful moments. Express your uniqueness and complete individual expressions with full creative control using beautiful photo-editing presets and tools, built upon Adobe’s expanding Aviary environment.


Your dreams are unlike anything else and deserve a home as equally sacred and meaningful. Share them free from the clutter and noise of the commonality of the everyday experience alongside the rest of world’s dreamers. Of course you can still share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and most other social media, if you must. Broadening your reach never hurts the process, where you focus your efforts might.



We now live in a world where we are comfortable sharing nearly every detail of our personal lives, where our online lives will outlive the real, and where what we share is owned by the places we share to. When we share, we lose a part of ourselves forever. Here we do not take, we give back. As you capture and share your journey with fellow dreamers, you will slowly begin to watch it unfold in its entirety as you leave an eternal memoir of the fulfillment of your dreams. Here you can live forever alongside your dreams and the moments that comprised them, leaving a beautiful impression in the wax of eternity.



We walk through life guarding our dreams, hiding them from others and sometimes ourselves. We become spectators fading in amongst the crowd as we quietly watch on as a handful of others take centre stage. Even if you so wished, imagine the impossibilities of having your dreams heard amongst the noise of the crowd or of fighting off all of the obstacles to find yourself on stage. No Years Lost has created an arena only for those who are ready to share their dreams, as well as, the spotlight. It is here that they can discover and become discovered. We have set the stage, now we need you, the dreamers, to fill it.



In some small way, we are all dreamers, it is perhaps the one thing we all have in common. Yet, sometimes that journey can feel quite lonely. Your whole life you knew there were others out there who were just like you. Well, here they are. Find and follow the world’s dreamers and become an integral part of a larger dream. Most importantly, be the hand that leads this generation and the next into a better era.



Mr. Completely

Los Angeles





Matthew Williams

London / New York City


Finding dreamers on similar journeys or those who have walked it before you and willing to offer mentorship is an essential part of seeing your dreams through to fruition. We have refined this difficult process by bringing together the world’s dreamers under one social network and by allowing you to share your location and proximity with fellow dreamers so that you can come together more easily. We encourage you to unite, to collaborate, to dream as one and to take on bettering the world by bettering your own.


When Matthew started apprenticing for Keith, it was at Keith’s then project, Corpus Clothing. Matthew has since gone on to serve as the Creative Director for the Haus of Gaga, as an integral member of Kanye West’s creative team and as a founding member of Been Trill. Keith has since gone on to serve as Creative Director for Sammy Adams and recently launched his latest project, Mr. Completely. It was Keith in fact who first recommended that we might consider making No Years Lost a photo sharing app.





No Years Lost is home to a very specific kind of relationship between users and their content. Therefore, we have given you the tools to ensure it remains that way through internal reporting of abuses. You can post just about anything here, in fact we encourage it, so long as it is meaningful and or related to your dreams. Without being specific, when you come across something that does not belong you will know it and we hope you will help by reporting it to keep our network meaningful. We trust you can figure it out for your selfie. We’d rather have a thousand users who get it and live it, than a million who do not. The best approach of course is to lead by example through inspired content.


Accomplishing your dreams is hard. Honestly, its really f***ing hard, even the seemingly simple can present hurdles at times. Sometimes all it takes to keep pushing on is a little bit of encouragement or inspiration. Here you can find both through likes, comments and content. Here you can offer both to your fellow dreamers by reciprocating the love. Here you can ignite your passion and help to ignite the passion in others, after all, what is more inspiring than living out your dreams?



You might just change the world. We believe you will.