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Dreams are Forever


This past Friday we were forced to effectively kill our beloved “Crow Logo.” That logo was originally conceived, created and first used nearly three years ago, to be emblematic not only of my father whose dream of flying was dismissed by Parkinson’s disease, but also, because of the crow’s symbolic connection to life magic and the mystery of creation, to destiny and personal transformation, to higher perspective and fearlessness, and of course, as a friend of death.

All those years ago, we set out to create something that would allow young dreamers to more easily confront and overcome the many obstacles along their journeys, so that more dreams might come to life. In many ways, our own journey toward achieving that dream has become more symbolic of the very thing we wished to overcome for others than we ever could’ve imagined. We couldn’t begin to recount the many obstacles we’ve faced thus far, and this one, will surely set us back another few weeks.


Nevertheless, the dreamer knows that their dreams aren’t easily achieved, and that there’ll be many naysayers and bullies along the way, but most importantly, that intelligence will always win over brute force. The bully acts out of fear because they’re too weak to envision a future in which they’re needed in a world of change. As such, their entire existence becomes a suppression of progress, in order to, for as long as possible, maintain an untenable position of fleeting power.

Our legal counsel was split, in that, some offered we fight the matter, while others offered we leave it behind us. We decided to leave it behind us because that’s the nature of those who cause progress – we’ll not be held up for years in court by fearful bullies. As of now, we’re an otherwise yet to be launched tech company, so to cause that kind of fear in a multinational fashion company whose business has nothing to do with ours, would indicate that they’re aware of the progress we might cause. I guess we’ll take that as a feather in our cap (pun intended.)


Unlike, fast-fashion whose whole business model is dated and built upon the exploitation of child laborers and human insecurities, we wish to hold up the people, allowing them to better themselves, and also, the world. I suppose that’s something to be fearful of. So, if there’s any similarity between our logo and theirs, they’ve done us a favor in encouraging us to separate any confusion of our brand over theirs.

We’re not beholden to the past, nor are we fearful of the future, because we’re inventing it and our place in it. In the end, we’ll not be narrowly defined by a logo. We believe we’re far bigger than that, and that you, the people, have not only defined the brand that we are, but also, the brand we are yet to become. As we revision a logo that might be as powerfully symbolic as the crow once was, but more importantly, what you and your dreams mean to us and the world, we will proudly make our position known on the matter by actually ripping off one of youth’s most symbolic interpretations of what dreams might become.


“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.”

Walt Disney


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