Feature index.

We've got 99 features but a glitch ain't one. Everything you need to launch your creative career, nothing to trip you up.

Feature index.

We've got 99 features but a glitch ain't one. Everything you need to launch your creative career, nothing to trip you up.

Beauty and brains.

Beauty and brains.

Resting bitch face? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We put a tremendous amount of work into ensuring our products would be an aesthetically pleasing accompaniment to the beauty of your own hard work, but that’s nothing compared to the amount of work that went into ensuring this beauty was also a beast.


Modern Templates

Each No Years Lost template design has been crafted by our world-class design team. Our template designs are created with modern browsers and mobile devices in mind, and employ the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript techniques.

Built-in Mobile Websites

Every design automatically includes a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of your website, so your content will look great on every device, every time. If desired, you can disable the mobile view from Website Manager.

Customizable Content Layouts

Each design is built with customizable content areas that utilize No Years Lost’s Elementor and Content Module system. Pages, blog posts, footers, and sidebars can use all available Content Module types (video, audio, text, markdown, products etc.)

Style Editor

With hundreds of customizable settings, including fonts, colors, and page configurations, every No Years Lost website can be made to look unique with just a few clicks.

Design for Any Purpose

Every No Years Lost template design supports all major content types, including Pages, Galleries, Blogs, Commerce, Calendars, and more.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS can be applied to any template design through our built-in custom CSS editor, which also provides image and font file storage for CSS assets.

Template Switching

No Years Lost allows you to install multiple templates on to a single website and work on multiple designs at once.

Google Fonts

No Years Lost includes a curated set of fonts from Google’s font library that can be used without having to insert embed codes.

Example Content Restore

Easily restore example content that came with your original template at any time.

Image Manager

Drag and Drop

Add and organize your images instantly. You can drag images directly from your desktop onto your browser window.

Image Metadata Importing

No Years Lost can auto-fill the Title, Description, and Tags for your images using the metadata you’ve already assigned to it in your photo management software.

Progressive Image Loading

No Years Lost ensures images on the top of a page load first, making your website faster and more responsive to visitors.

CDN Included

All images on No Years Lost are hosted with a global content delivery network (CDN) that reduce load times by utilizing hundreds of geographically distributed servers.

Responsive Image Loader

No Years Lost generates several scaled versions of each original image file uploaded. Our image loader detects and selects the appropriate image size to load for every device and screen – including Apple devices with Retina Displays.

Image Compression

All images uploaded to No Years Lost are compressed using our proprietary image compression software. This removes any unnecessary data and ensures that every image on your site, looks perfectly crisp, while allowing your site to perform blazingly fast.

Built in Image Editor

All images hosted on No Years Lost can be edited directly within your browser using an integrated editor. Crop, resize, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, and much more.

Lightbox Presentation

Lightbox functionality is integrated into No Years Lost Image Modules and galleries, allowing for beautiful full-browser-sized imagery. Lightbox presentation of your images can be enabled with just one click.

Image SEO

You have full control over image file names across the system.


Gallery Modules

No Years Lost Gallery Modules can be added anywhere on your website and offer hundreds of presentation variations, including slideshows, sliders, grid layouts, and more. Integrated lightbox functionality allows for full-browser-sized imagery.

Video in Galleries

All gallery collections allow for mixed media presentations, including video and audio content in addition to images in the same gallery.

Display Effects

Each gallery offers multiple lightweight hover and transition effects.

Audio Collections

Audio Collections

Upload music directly to No Years Lost and easily share your albums with a beautiful, integrated player and album art display. No Years Lost recognizes the metadata of your audio files, so information like song title and artist name will be populated automatically.

Connected Services

Content Downloading

Content from connected services is always downloaded into No Years Lost, meaning that your website is served from a single location, improving load times and allowing image content to take advantage of our built in gallery components.

Photo Downloading/Resizing

No Years Lost downloads images from any image-based social source (Flickr, 500px, etc.), resizes them, and makes them available for use in any No Years Lost gallery style.

3rd Party Service Support

Connect to Google Analytics, Disqus, or Typekit by providing your ID directly – these services are completely integrated, and there is no coding required.

Social Links

Easily display social network profile links, letting your visitors follow you on every major network. A variety of presentation styles help keep your site design consistent.

Facebook Page Integration

Connect to Facebook pages to easily push entire pages of content into the Facebook platform.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS can be applied to any template design through our built-in custom CSS editor, which also provides image and font file storage for CSS assets.

Simultaneous Posting

No Years Lost can authenticate with your social profiles, letting you auto-post your content to Twitter, Facebook (personal or brand page), or Tumblr. All post entries and images are optimized and tagged properly, so descriptions and titles will be correctly referenced.

Page Builder

Custom WYSIWYG Editor

No Years Lost’s custom WYSIWYG editing engine supports many content types and complex multi-column layouts.

Responsive Designs

All pages and modules are completely responsive and work on any mobile device.

Fullscreen Editing

This distraction-and-clutter-free editing mode lets you edit pages and blog entries with realtime results using your full browser window.

Automatic Image Scaling

Image Modules automatically scale or fit images to ensure they always look right, irrespective of their placement within your content. Double-click on an image to see an overlay of the full image itself, then drag that to ensure the best crop for your images.

Automatic Text Wrapping

To wrap text around an image, simply drag your Image Module over a Text Module. When the Insert Point turns into a box, drop the Image Module.

Gallery Modules

Gallery Modules with many presentation styles let you easily embed slideshow strips, mosaics or image grids.

Video Modules

Present videos from YouTube and Vimeo while maintaining your website style using Video Modules with custom image overlay. The image overlay improves load speed by waiting to embed video players until a request for a video to be played.

Audio Modules

With Audio Modules that support podcasting and Soundcloud, you can embed audio on your site, and tag the audio for iTunes if the Audio Block is placed into a blog.

Archive Modules

With Archive Modules, you can group and display up to 1,000 content items (top-level group name, title and date only) by year, month, author, category or tag to create a rich index page.

Map Modules

Easily integrate Google Maps into your website with Map Modules.

Product Modules

Place your Ecommerce products into blog entries, pages, and sidebars.

Menu Modules

Easily create and update your businesses’ menu using the menu block. The menu is automatically formatted so you don’t need to worry about tweaking the text.

Index Modules

Include tag clouds, author indexes, category indexes, or month indexes for your blog entries on your website.

Quote Modules

Easily create drop quotes using Quote Modules.

Button Modules

Inject a call to action into any page with the Button Module. You can change the text, colors, and button shapes in the Style Editor.

User Data Collection

Form Modules

The incredibly robust Form Module supports over 15 different data types, such as addresses, currency, emails, and text fields, making it easy to capture data from your site visitors.

Newsletter Module

Easily enable newsletter signups from your website with the Newsletter Module.

Build a Mailing List

Build a mailing list on MailChimp using the Form Module integration.

Site Control

Site Annotations

The No Years Lost interface and content now live side-by-side within the browser; handy annotations appear on everything that you might want to change on your No Years Lost site.

Style Editor

Control your site’s look and feel via our integrated visual style editor.

Direct Editing

Edit content directly from your website with built-in editing overlays.

Custom CSS

Inject custom CSS to any of our designs.

Custom Favicon

Customize and control your website’s favicon.

Custom Code

Inject custom code in your site’s header or footer on a per-page basis, or under each blog entry on your site to enable custom sharing links.

Sitewide Password

Lock your entire website with a password while you are under construction.

Page Specific Passwords

Lock individual collections behind a password to create private areas on your site.

Duplicate Pages

Easily duplicate a text page for testing purposes, or to speed up your website building process.

Multiple Contributors

Multiple Contributors

Give contributors selective access to your site’s Website Manager, depending on their permissions.

Multiple Access Levels

Access levels include Administrator, Content Editor, Billing, Reporting, Comment Moderator, Trusted Commenter, and Store Manager.

Unified Site Logins

Using a single login, contribute and manage multiple No Years Lost sites at once.


Page Builder Editing

As with all No Years Lost pages, all Content Module types (text, image, gallery, video, audio, etc.) are available for use within each blog entry.

Social Sharing

The No Years Lost blogging platform supports a configurable sharing button, letting your visitors share content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr.


You can set post entries in Published, Draft, Scheduled, and Needs Review settings.

Scheduled Posts

Entry scheduling lets you schedule entries to be published in the future.

Excerpt and Source URLs

Save excerpts and source URLs with each post.

Category/Tag Support

Tag and category support provide two levels of categorization.

RSS Syndication

Blogs are syndicated via RSS and fully integrated with readers such as Flipboard, Feedly, and others. RSS is automatically embedded in every blog page for easy reader support.

External Link Configuration

Mark posts as external links to configure how permalinks and titles work on a per-post basis.

Post Display Options

Every item on a post is extremely flexible, and can be reordered or renamed to fit your site style.

Customizable URLs

Every blog post has a unique permalink with a properly labeled, clean URL slug that can be customized.

Multiple Author Support

Publish blog entries with multiple author attribution.

Simple Likes

Users can anonymously upvote content on your site by clicking the heart button at the footer of each post.

Commenting System

Complete Commenting Features

Our completely integrated commenting system supports threaded comments, and all comments have individual like counts.

Comment Moderation

You can set your comments to be sent to a moderation queue before they are shown live on your site.

Commenter Authentication

Commenters have avatars and can authenticate from multiple social networks to provide their identity.

Reader Comments Feedback

Comments can be flagged by readers to identify spam or trolls. Comments can be automatically moderated upon reaching a certain flag count.

Automatically Disable Comments

Set automatic cut-off dates to disable entry commenting.

Comment Sorting

Comments can be sorted by date posted, most liked, and other criteria.

Community Management

Enable certain community members as trusted commenters or comment administrators.

Bulk Comment Management

Perform bulk operations on your comments from your Website Manager.

Powerful Abuse Filters

Our filters block abusive requests to our systems in real-time. These protections help defend your site from numerous web application vulnerability classes.

Simple Disqus Integration

Though No Years Lost offers a proprietary commenting system, you can easily replace our commenting system on your website with Disqus by simply adding your Disqus ID in your Website Manager.


Unlimited Products

There is no limit to the number of products you can sell through No Years Lost.

Flexible Product Variants

Use a unified inventory management interface with unlimited SKUs, multi-dimensional product variants (such as size and color), and sale prices.

Rich Product Descriptions

Embed text, images, videos, audio, maps, and much more in your product descriptions. As with all No Years Lost pages, all Content Module types are available for use on your product page.

Optimized Templates

Set up your store with templates designed to help you sell, with Image Zoom on product images and Quick View in product lists to give shoppers the best browsing experience.

Product Merchandising

Easily sort, organize, and manage your products with our drag-and-drop sorting tool, tags and categories, and visibility and scheduling settings.

Product Quick View

Allow customers to see product details from the list view and navigate to other products in the collection.

Product Image Zoom

Set a zoom factor and select whether zoom occurs on click or hover.

Product Embed

Showcase products anywhere on your site where Elementor is supported (blog posts, pages, sidebars, and more). Simply use a Product Module to pull items from your product collection into the right context.

Digital and Physical Products

Sell digital products, physical items, or services on No Years Lost using a single interface. Digital products are delivered via customized email links that expire within 24 hours.

Affordable Pricing

There are no transaction fees for No Years Lost Commerce plans. Also, PayPal charges a low, market rate for processing charges.

Speedy Sign-up

30-second merchant sign-up with PayPal gives you instant approval and doesn’t require any paperwork. Begin receiving money for purchases via direct deposit in moments.

Track Payment Activity

Track successful payments, failed payments, refunds, and chargebacks through your No Years Lost interface.

Mobile Optimized Checkout

No Years Lost’s single page checkout is optimized to look great on all devices, making it easy for your customers to buy wherever they are. Our checkout is integrated with Google Place Autocomplete to make entering addresses super fast for your customers.

Express Checkout

Allow your customers to bypass the shopping cart and jump straight to checkout, a great way for single-product stores to streamline checkout.

Discount Codes

Create flexible coupons that apply to all orders, orders that meet a certain minimum, or specific products, and offer percentage discount, dollar discounts, or free shipping.

Mailing List Integration

At checkout, encourage your customers to sign up for your mailing list. Connect your MailChimp account and start building your list of contacts.

Social Integrations

Easily share store news and product updates to Twitter, Facebook, or any other social account supported by the platform. Each product listing includes metadata for Pinterest Rich Pins and Twitter Product Cards.

Abandoned Checkout Recovery

Recover lost sales by sending automatic emails to customers who abandoned checkout. Track how many sales and how much revenue are recovered.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory with an easy-to-use interface and quick views into your variants and stock levels. We’ll send you an email alert when your stock levels are low.

Order Management

Track outstanding orders, resend customer update emails, and print packing slips from a single interface.

Realtime Carrier Calculated Shipping Rates

Get real-time shipping estimates during checkout to avoid under or overcharging for shipping.

Custom Email Styles

Customize transactional order emails sent to customers, including the order confirmation, order fulfilled, order refunded, and abandoned checkout emails.

Flexible Shipping Options

Set up shipping options for your store, from pickup, flat-rate, weight-based, to real-time rates. Apply country restrictions as needed.

Tax Rates

Manage your tax rates for countries and regions where you are required to charge tax. With support for VAT, HST, GST, we help you comply with local tax requirements, allow you to set prices inclusive or exclusive of tax, and provide customizable invoices to suit your needs.

Commerce Analytics

Understand how your business is doing by tracking the revenue, orders, units sold, and much more. Learn which traffic sources and products are generating the most sales. Delve into your purchase funnel to learn how you can optimize conversion.

3rd Party Integrations

Plug in your Google Analytics account for deeper insight into your commerce transactions.

Store Manager Permissions

Designate store managers who have control over inventory and orders, but not the rest of your site.

Data Export

You can always export your order data to .csv format for accounting and spreadsheet tools.

Highly Secure

PCI compliant. SSL enabled.

Search Engine Optimization

Proprietary Plugin

No Years Lost websites include a proprietary plugin which includes all known best practices for SEO.

Indexed and Searchable

No Years Lost produces pages with clean HTML markup that is easily indexable by search engines.

Page Titles

You have full control over the ordering of your page titles, including the ability to create different title schemes for your homepage, item pages, and collection pages.

Automatic Google Sitemaps

No Years Lost automatically generates and links a proper sitemap.xml, which enumerates every single URL on your site with proper priority for perfect indexing even if you use a Javascript-heavy template.

Robots txt

We automatically generate a correct robots.txt, link your sitemap, and exclude all No Years Lost service/search endpoints.

Clean URLs

All primary pages on your No Years Lost site contain clean URLs that are easily indexed and read.

Facebook Open Graph Support

No Years Lost generates proper Facebook open graph tags to be used when your links are shared on social services.


No Years Lost is a paid service that aggressively fights spam. If you are using a free service that is a target for spammers, you potentially run the risk of being falsely grouped with other spam sites.

Automatic Redirects

Given multiple domains, No Years Lost will redirect users and search engines to the right domain.

Automatic Tagging

Images contain proper




tags, improving search engine indexing. All meta tags for pages and


tags for RSS feeds are automatically generated. Image descriptions are properly converted to



Canonical Tagging

No Years Lost generates proper


tags that ensure search engines are picking up the proper versions of your pages when content exists at more than one URL.


Unique Visitors and Page Views

No Years Lost monitors your Page Views, Visit Counts, and Visitor Counts, including raw, unique, and robot hits. Website statistics are computed every few minutes for a real-time view of your numbers.

Visitor Insights

No Years Lost lets you know where your visitors are coming from, and what keywords are leading visitors to your website.

Popular Content

Quickly identify the top performing content on your website.

Preferred OS/Browsers

Track what operating systems and browsers your users are using to visit your website.

Commerce Overview

A dashboard focuses on seven Commerce KPIs, including Revenue, Units Sold, Orders, Visits, Conversion Rate, Average Order volume, and Revenue Per Visit.

Traffic Sources

Learn which websites, social networks, and other marketing channels are driving interest and sales.

Purchase Funnel

A visual report that shows you how many visits result in purchases, where customers are dropping off, and how changes to your site affect conversion over time.

Abandoned Checkout

This panel tracks the success of your Abandoned Checkout emails so you know how many checkouts were recovered as a result of automated emails.

Device Filtering

Filter performance metrics by Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, or Other.

Killer Service Architecture

We Use What We Make

Our front site, noyearslost.com, is a No Years Lost website. All of our websites, including our own, are served from the same powerful infrastructure that serves yours.

High Capacity and Availability

Every system in our infrastructure participates in serving all of our websites, so your site is powered by the same infrastructure that powers sites with millions of pages views a day, including our own social network.

Powerful Custom Infrastructure

Caching? Partial rendering? Load balancing? Scaling? It’s all handled on a grid of servers that already serves millions of hits per day using the highly scalable and trusted Amazon Web Services.

Content Ownership

Content Ownership

You own all of the content you put on the No Years Lost platform. We offer one-click data portability that actually allows you take all of your content wherever you like.


While you can run your own ads or make money with your site if you’d like, we do not sell or run ads against your content. Your site is yours.

Privacy Protected

No Years Lost has a straightforward subscription business model. We do not sell your data.


Purchasing Domains

In addition to configuring third party domains, customers can purchase domains directly from No Years Lost. Over 200 TLDs are currently available for purchase, and each domain comes with a beautiful parking page and free WHOIS privacy.

Seemless Domain Registration

Domains registered through us are automatically set up to work with your No Years Lost website, which means you never have to touch DNS records.

DNS Control and Domain Forwarding

Easily set up popular third-party services on your domain in just a couple of clicks with our DNS & forwarding presets.

Custom Emails

Easily set up Google Apps for Work with your domain to enable personalized email addresses.

Connect 3rd Party Managed Domains

No Years Lost allows you to easily connect your website to a domain you purchased from a third-party provider (such as Google, Namecheap, or GoDaddy).

Google Apps

Email By Google Under Your Domain

No Years Lost customers with a custom domain, whether registered through No Years Lost or another service, can link their domain with Google Apps for Work.

More Than Email

In addition to Gmail, you can also use other popular business tools such as Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Calendar.

Custom Site Search Engine

Proprietary Search Engine

No Years Lost provides a robust internal search engine that provides your readers with accurate search results.

Full Search Results

A custom site overlay provides full screen search results for every website design.

Front-end/Back-end Search

Search works on both your website and within your Website Manager.

Constantly Updated

No Years Lost search is updated in real time using a heartbeat function, much like app notifications.

Importing and Exporting

Blog Importing

Import blog content from WordPress or Squarespace.

Image Importing

Import images from external websites.

Content Exporting

Export all of your content, your entire site in fact, to WordPress.