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Imagine the world as if it were a raft adrift at sea. Billions of people upon one raft, each with one oar, each with one contribution to the direction of all of humanity. As it is tossed about by the elements, it remains stationary, because every man, woman and child rows for himself. With every stroke, they only add to an already turbulent sea. Each person never really sees their true reflection here as the wild splashes of the person next to them obscures their vision and because of this, they never really know where the ripples of their actions have travelled, if they have travelled at all.

Over time, the currents bring debris from far off places alongside this raft. Every piece within reach is brought aboard because they do not know what they are looking for, only that they are looking for something they have not yet found. Some of this debris proves valuable, though most is junk that only crowds and weighs down the raft.

Now, imagine a second raft. This raft has very few people aboard, those few who were at one time brave enough to test their strength and fortitude in the turbulent seas to make the crossing. Once there, in calmer waters, they were able to see a true reflection of themselves for the first time. On this raft, they discovered if they rowed together, in the same direction, that they were able to control their direction, their destiny. As such, this raft is able to travel to far off places and even though each passenger is heading in the same direction, they never lose sight of who they are and are able to watch the course of their actions because their wake is strong and congruent.

And yet, as a result of their travels, they only ever pass the other raft from time to time. However, it is those aboard this raft that have loosened valuable debris from other places, as well as, placed things in the water that might aid the other. Those aboard this raft have always wished to help the raft they left behind, but are fearful that if they tie up with it, too many will board too quickly and sink their own, thereby, ruining everything they had risked so much to achieve. Occasionally, as this raft passes the other, few will again risk the waters to swim back and convince others to make the return crossing with them.

Then, imagine this circularity has occurred since the beginning of time until the most recent passing, where the latter raft had finally discovered the tools to create the machinery that would allow them to set a long line to tie off with the other. In doing so, they would be able to tow it, so that it was no longer going nowhere. More so, while the two would still be kept at a great distance, it would create a linkage at all times, which would offer continuous passage. Of course, the crossing would still require the brave, the strong, and the fortitude, those still willing to risk the waters, only now, they would have clear direction. Then, when they were within sight of the lead raft, those aboard could jump back in the waters and offer the final encouragement, in some cases, even carry them the final distance.

Finally, imagine this had already been done.

Two years ago, I began building the basic machinery and braved the waters one last time to tether the line between these two rafts. This is an invitation to those who have been looking for something their entire lives, who knew endless possibility existed somewhere just beyond the horizon, but had been too afraid to leave the safety of the raft. No Years Lost is a promise to those of you brave enough to swim the waters between where you are and where you ought to be, that we will guide you there, that you will discover your true self there and along your journey, that you will become a part of something greater, that you will guide the world in a better direction, and perhaps, be one of the few who might change it – you might just move mountains.

You have been a dreamer your entire life. Our dreams are perhaps the one thing every person on any raft has in common. Share those with your fellow man. Believe in our dream now, that we might change the world by helping you achieve yours, as we have believed in yours since before your journey ever began. We wait on you, hand outstretched, all you have to do is jump in and follow the divided line.

No Years Lost,

A Young Giant

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